This specialty includes a few specializations because of wide range of computer means:

Specialization: Computer systems in nanotechnology

Specialization: Engineering and operation of computer means Engineering, programming, hardware and software integration, computer complexes, network checkout and exploitation.

Specialization: Computer means in automatics and control systems

Engineering, programming, application program usage, integration, checkout and exploitation of computer means in technological process control systems in the field of material production.

Specialization: Information security complexes and means of computer systems

Engineering, programming, exploitation of computer network, hardware and software means of information security.

Multidisciplinary training gives our students the opportunity to find themselves in various activities related to the development and usage of computer tools and networks in research, production, education, medicine, transport, communications, finance and other fields.

The curriculum includes the study of computer science, programming languages such as Assembler, C++, C#, etc.; students also Students also receive skill of safety of work in such operating systems as Windows and Unix. Besides students study the information theory, the theory of algorithms, electronics and system engineering, telecommunication systems and the networks.

Graduating students can put into practice their skills and knowledge in government and business structures such as:
- bank, business, tax and other financial institutions;
- technical parts of the military and medical institutions, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of the Interior;
- research, energy, industrial organizations, commerce, transport and so on.

Admission tests - mathematics, physics, Russian language.

Education forms: full-time tuition, distance learning.

Apprenticeship: 4 years, distance learning – 5 years.

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineer.

University entrants may try paid education. If all exams are passed successfully and there are free vacancies, it is possible to transfer a student to a free education form according to the administration agreement.